Comet parameter: scan_range

  • Defines the scan range to search. Only spectra within (and inclusive) of the specified scan range are searched.
  • This parameter works with MS2, mzXML and mzML inputs files.
  • Two digits are specified for this parameter. The first digit is the start scan and the second digit is the end scan.
  • You can set either just the start scan (leaving end scan 0) or just the end scan (leaving start scan 0).
  • When the end scan is less than the start scan, no scan can satisfy that scan range so no spectra will be searched.
  • The default value is "0 0" if this parameter is missing. The entire file will be searched with a "0 0" scan setting.
  • Any time a non-zero value is specified for either the start scan or the end scan, the output files will have the scan range encoded in the output file name.

scan_range = 0 0     search all scans
scan_range = 0 1000     search scans up to 1000
scan_range = 2000 0     search scans from 2000 to last scan in file
scan_range = 1000 1500     search only scans 1000 to 1500