Comet UI

This is a 64-bit Windows graphical interface to run Comet searches and visualize results at the PSM level. This is just the initial release so full search functionality exists but there is limited post-search analysis available. The GUI can also load data processed through PeptideProphet of the TPP. This software will be further developed if there is demand for it.

Thermo's MS File Reader is required if you want to search RAW files directly. MSFileReader can be downloaded by creating an account with ThermoFischer Scientific. Once registered you will find the software under "Utility Software".

NOTE: this first release should be viewed as beta software as features are incomplete and not well tested.
If you are running version, please download the setup.exe again as the initial version was not automatically checking for updates.

Install the program using this setup.exe.

A work-in-progress user guide can be found here.

01/07/2016: CometUI updated to support reading Tide pep.xml files.