Comet parameter: sample_enzyme_number

  • Note that this parameter has no effect on the search and search results at all. It is used solely to annotate additional information in the output.
  • This parameter is relevant only for pepXML output i.e. when output_pepxmlfile is set to 1.
  • The pepXML format encodes the enzyme that is applied to the sample i.e. trypsin. This enzyme is written to the "sample_enzyme" element.
  • The sample enzyme could be different from the search enzyme i.e. the sample enzyme is "trypsin" yet the search enzyme is "No-enzyme" for a non-specific search. Hence the need for this separate parameter.
  • Valid values are any integer represented in the enzyme list.
  • The default value is "0" if this parameter is missing.

sample_enzyme_number = 1
sample_enzyme_number = 3