Comet parameter: print_expect_score

  • A boolean flag this determines whether or not the expectation score (E-value) is reported in .out and SQT formats. Note that the E-value is always reported in pepXML output.
  • This parameter is only pertinant for results reported in .out and SQT formats.
  • If expect scores are chosen to be reported (i.e. value set to 1), they will replace the number reported for the traditional "spscore" i.e. "spscore" will be replaced by an E-value. Also an expectation value histogram will be output at the end of each .out file; this histogram is not present for SQT output.
  • Valid values are 0 and 1.
  • The default value is "1" if this parameter is missing.

print_expect_score = 0
print_expect_score = 1