Comet parameter: output_suffix

  • This parameter specifies the suffix string that is appended to the base output name for the pep.xml, pin.xml, txt and sqt output files.
  • Use this parameter to give output files a unique suffix base name.
  • For example, if the output_suffix parameter is set to "output_suffix = _000", then a search of the file base.mzXML will generate output files named base_000.pep.xml,, base_000.txt, and/or base_000.sqt.
  • Note that using this parameter could break downstream tools that expect the output base name to be the same as the input file base name.
  • The default value is blank if this parameter is missing i.e. base.mzXML will generate base.pep.xml.

output_suffix =
output_suffix = _some_suffix
output_suffix = any_string_you_want_without_spaces