Comet parameter: use_sparse_matrix

  • Controls whether or not internal sparse matrix data representation is used.
  • The sparse matrix data representation will use a significantly smaller amount of memory/RAM for small fragment_bin_tol settings such as 0.05 or 0.01. We're talking going from tens of GB (gigabytes) down to a few hundred megabytes (MB)!
  • In this release, the sparse matrix searches will always be slower than the classical data representation (i.e. use_sparse_matrix = 0). So it should be used only when memory is an issue. Alternately, the spectrum_batch_size parameter can also be used to mitigate memory issues.
  • Valid values are 0 and 1.
  • To not use sparse matrix, set the value to 0.
  • To use sparse matrix, set the value to 1.

use_sparse_matrix = 0
use_sparse_matrix = 1