Comet parameter: clear_mz_range

  • This parameter is intended for iTRAQ/TMT type data where one might want to remove the reporter ion signals in the MS/MS spectra prior to searching.
  • Defines the m/z range to clear out in each MS/MS spectra
  • This parameter has two decimal values.
  • The first value is the lower mass cutoff and the second value is the high mass cutoff.
  • Valid values are two decimal numbers where the first number must be less or equal to the second number.
  • All peaks between the two decimal values are cleared out.
  • The default value is "0.0 0.0" if this parameter is missing.

clear_mz_range = 0.0 0.0     parameter is ignored
clear_mz_range = 112.5 121.5     ignore all peaks between 112.5 and 121.5 m/z for iTRAQ 8-plex
clear_mz_range = 125.5 131.5     ignore all peaks between 125.5 and 131.5 m/z for TMT